Woodland Management

We welcome the wonders of woodland work.
We’ll help sustain the diversity of your woodland and its inhabitants.

Helping your woodland thrive

Arborculture offers a full range of low impact and sustainable forestry works to care for your woodland to ensure it becomes productive and diverse. Wales is home to beautiful woodlands of all ages, conditions and sizes, all of which rely on effective management to be productive and thrive. We follow continuous cover forestry practices, so we don’t clear fell unless entire areas are diseased.

Do you have an area of scrub or field that could be woodland but needs work?

Do you want to sell the timber from unmanaged woodlands on your farm?

We can help.

Specialist advice & guidance

We specialise in hardwood stands of all shapes and sizes. Awkward access, steep ground and marsh land is no obstacle to our low impact equipment. Our Alpine tractor with driven forwarding trailer, forestry winch and our two tonne 360 excavator with timber grab can process and extract large amounts with very little ground impact. Often there is no need for expensive new roads as we can make use of legacy tracks. We can also deal with felling licence applications for you.

Encourage biodiversity

Woodlands must be thinned to encourage diversity, while certain species have to be managed to stop them dominating other plants and destroying the natural balance.

Once the woodlands are carefully thinned, the sunlight passes through the high canopy, encouraging diverse ground-cover and woodland flowers such as bluebells, celandines, and red campions to grow. This new growth attracts an array of pollinating insects and invertebrates, which in turn attract wonderful native birds, such as spotted fly catchers, long tailed tits, nuthatches, and willow warblers. Diversity is the key to productivity.

An effective scheme will turn unproductive land into diverse, productive woodland which brings positive benefits to the wider environment.

Tailored woodland services we offer include

  • Purchase of standing timber
  • Firewood processing
  • Woodland thinning and timber extraction      
  • Bracken bruising
  • Ecological/habitat conservation
  • Design/establishment/maintenance
  • Reinstatement works
  • Felling licence applications

Options for your timber products

  • Forward to your desired location for your own use.
  • Forward it to the roadside for sale.
  • We buy it standing.
  • We process into logs with our automated firewood processor for your own use and take it to your desired location.
  • If saw logs, 1,2&3 apply or we process into planks for your own use.

Interested in our services?

Fill out the form below to arrange a callback. We can discuss your specific requirements and to get more details regarding our woodland services in the Pembrokeshire Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire areas.

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