Woodland Management

The wonders of woodland work
Creating diversity and productivity in your woodland is our aim

Helping your woodland thrive

Arborculture offer a full range of forestry services to care for your woodland, we ensure it becomes productive and diverse. Following Continuous Cover Forestry principals where suitable, however, we know it doesn’t suit every site or customer and are willing to work together on small scale regular system too.

Specialist kit

We work in both hard and softwood stands of all shapes and sizes. Awkward access, steep ground and tricky large trees are no problem for our team and equipment. Our Valta tractor, with driven forwarding trailer and 8.5 tonne forestry winch, is perfectly suited to all forest conditions. Combined with our 9 tonne Neuson tree harvester with a boom mounted 6 tonne forestry winch, we can tackle all your forestry plans.

We can also deal with access work and felling licence applications…keeping everything in one place!

Productive, resilient and diverse

A productive woodland must be thinned at the right time, once thinned, the remaining stand will grow into better quality trees, increasing value. If site conditions suit, one could consider managing under Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) system, This system looks to replicate nature while still functioning as a productive commercial wood. The CCF system creates a mixed aged mixed species woodland, with a focus aim of high quality sawlog and fuelwood as a by-product. Its not the answer for all sites but needs to be applied widely across the globe. 

We will tackle small to medium clearfell sites too.

Woodland services we offer

  • Purchase of standing timber
  • Contract harvesting
  • Access/Track works
  • Felling licence applications

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