Kiln Dried Firewood

Watch the flames dance with firewood from Aborculture,
where only the best kiln and air-dried hardwood logs are available for sale.

Sustainable & Unique Firewood

Our seasoned timber is always sustainably sourced, and a large percentage of our firewood is a by-product of our tree surgery works. The rest is sourced locally, felled, extracted and processed in-house.

Tapping into part of nature’s cycle, we recover heat via aerobic digestion of tree waste which is used for drying high quality firewood and heating our offices. Nothing goes to waste.

Our unique Kiln

Set in the heart of the north Pembrokeshire countryside, Arborculture’s firewood is dried in our unique compost powered kiln, the first of its kind in the world.

Wood chip, an inevitable bi-product of our tree surgery, provides a sustainable way to feed our kiln and dry locally sourced timber.  It minimises waste, and offers an innovative alternative to fossil fuels or large scale biomass drying.

Pioneering the use of biothermal energy as a heat source for our kiln makes our system more ecological than other commercial kilns in the country.

Our compost-powered kiln provides a zero waste solution, as it captures the naturally occurring heat from composting wood chip, together with other processing waste from our tree work.

Kiln-dried logs have a lower moisture content, resulting in a higher calorific value, and burn more efficiently to provide maximum heat output and keep your home cosy.

Our seasoned firewood is a premium product, giving a clean, consistent and economical burn.  The result is less tar and soot building up inside your flue or chimney, clearer glass on your wood-burner and more heat for your money than conventionally dried timber.

With our 100% sustainable welsh wood we aim for a moisture content below 20%, averaging around 17%.


We deliver our logs throughout Pembrokeshire, and parts of Ceredigion from our Crosswell base, using our own truck and trailer, with free local delivery within a 10 mile radius (minimum order applies).

Delivery outside this area will incur a charge, please contact us for a quote.

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