Sustainable West Wales tree surgery and woodland management

Professional and ethical West Wales tree surgery, woodland management, low impact forestry operations, kiln and air-dried firewood and wholesale compost from experienced arborists.

What’s in a name?

Arbor is Latin for tree. Arboriculture means the cultivation of trees and shrubs. Culture is the social heritage of a group; a way of life. How a community responds to situations throughout its evolution is how it determines what it acceptable, important, and right from wrong. We express this through our tree surgery and woodland management. That’s why we’re called Arborculture.

At Arborculture, we feel a greater understanding of trees and woodlands is of utmost importance. Humans need productive woodlands for healthy environment and woodlands need humans to keep them productive. Our progressive West Wales tree surgery is sustainable and dynamic.

Waste is not acceptable, so we don’t do it. Inspired by nature’s cycles, from ground to tree, we see the immense power of utilising natural, renewable solutions. That’s why we offer the tree surgery services that we do – from beginning to end. From tree surgery and woodland management to sustainable firewood and high quality compost – what goes around, comes around, and we like that.

A healthy environment needs businesses to operate sustainably. This is integral to Arborculture. We only use bio-oil and biodegradable Aspen fuel in our saws. All our machinery is maintained at the highest level for efficient running. We consider every aspect of our operations, down to the finest details, enabling us to offer the most efficient, low impact and cost effective service available.

This is our culture.

For more information on how we can aid you with our low impact, natural and sustainable West Wales tree surgery and woodland management, or to talk about your specific project ideas, please call us on 01239 891356.